Testimonials & Success Stories

Essex EMS just two weeks into the CPRPM program

Only 2 weeks into it, the Essex Windsor EMS CPRPM program has already had a pay off for two of my clients. Through watching trends and communications with one of them I was able to convince him to visit his doctor to deal with the elevated blood pressure. Medications changes are resulting in healthier readings and a client who is feeling better and possibly avoided negative results of hypertension.

The second individual was feeling unwell with readings that were not optimal for him. He was encouraged to see his physician who commented that ” it was a good thing he had come in or he would have ended up in the hospital”. The client was collecting fluid in his lungs and early intervention with further testing have helped him stay home and avoid hospitalization.

What a great experience for the Paramedic monitoring them as well. To be able to effect a positive outcome through monitoring and provision of advice and encouragement is a unique experience in my career. Helping these individuals possibly avoid a health crisis involving transport by EMS and perhaps a lengthy hospital stay or other medical complications is truly rewarding.

Steve G, Renfrew County Community Paramedic Response Unit

“People oddly enough struggle with how simple it is to use, they expect it to be more complicated than it is. After they do it a couple of times they realize how easy it is.”

Mike Muir, Director of Paramedic Services with Grey County

“When we heard about RPC we knew we wanted to be involved. It’s exciting seeing community paramedics play a proactive role in healthcare and remote patient care will complement the EPIC program, another project in Grey County that provides in-home care by paramedics who work with family doctors.”

Pierre Brianceau, County Councillor for Erin

“This is a way to save 911 calls and prevent people from having to go and wait in emergency rooms if they don’t need to — it’s a win for everybody. We’ve seen a reduction in emergency room visits by 58 per cent.”

Peter Emon, County of Renfrew Warden

“When we heard about the remote patient care monitoring project we knew we wanted to be involved. It’s exciting to see community paramedics play a proactive role in healthcare. Remote patient care monitoring is another program in the County of Renfrew that provides in-home care by paramedics who work with primary care providers, and will complement the Community Paramedicine programs currently running.”

Janice Visneskie Moore, the Chair of the County of Renfrew Health Committee

“This program will allow our highly trained staff to use their skills to keep community members at home where they want to be,”

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